TIPS | Best Travel Tips for long flights


If you were asked to list the best parts of a trip, where you travelled for eight hours or more.... would you say that your flight experience would be in your top five? For the average flyer this may not be the case. Most of us have experienced a dreadful flight experience that we would not like to relive again. For some flight tips, follow below to see how you can emerge refreshed, relaxed, and ready for a better flight experience:

1. Wear clothes that are comfortable;

I have seen far too many travellers who are not equipped with clothes that are comfy enough to withstand a long flight. You will want to ensure that you are dressed comfy where you can move around and not be restricted. Also, for the flights with AC that tends blow very cool air, a light jacket or sweater can also help so you don't arrive on your trip feeling a little sick.

2. Reserve a good seat;

If you are comfortable with the exit rows, they are always a great choice as they offer a lot of leg room. The flight attendants do ask if you are okay with assisting in the event of an emergency landing, but if you don't feel the pressure, then I would suggest when booking to take advantage of the exit rows. Aisle seats are great for better access to the washrooms.

3. Sleep preparation;


One of my go to travel essentials is my travel pillow. It is one of the worse feelings of waking up with a neck ache. There are quite a few airlines that offer blankets but in the event that your airline does not, it may be a good idea to carry a light weight blanket just in case.

4. Carry your own snacks;


I am a picky eater so I always ensure to carry snacks with me on all my flights. More specifically on long flights, where you are guaranteed a meal, you may want to ensure you have something else to snack on in case you are given something you were not expecting. A tip I've shared with other travellers is to eat the main dish like the meat and salad, but save the desert and coffee cup for later. I always appreciate when I am watching a movie that I have something else to munch on. It also helps if you are in a window seat and have the other two passengers dead asleep beside you.

5. Stretch your legs & drink water;

Nothing is worse, than sitting down the entire flight unless you are getting up to use the washroom. Once it is safe to do so, extend your washroom break by taking an opportunity to move around the plane. This allows for circulation to flow to your legs, and less risk in developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Muscle activity is what keeps the blood flowing. Drinking water also helps not only with hydration but jetlag, before, during and after your flight.

6. Make new friends;


Travelling gives great opportunities to meet new and interesting people while flying. An area for surviving a long flight, is by conversing with the person beside you about their travel journey, and why they are flying to the same destination. You may be amazed at the interesting things you can learn about that person, and some pointers that may even help you with your trip.

7. Choose a good airline

I guess it goes without saying, but research....research...research. There are quite a bit of airlines that have come and gone, and especially when you will be stuck on a flight for a long period of time, its important to check out the reviews to get a good idea of what to expect. By researching, you can do some comparisons with the other airlines on comfort, food, and the little extras etc that are offered.

I hope these suggestions, will make for a better flight experience for your next trip. If you have any suggestions or have done these before, let us know in the comments of what has helped you in the past, and whether or not these tips have helped you.

Happy Travelling
The Luxe and Lavish Team