TIPS | 8 Packing hacks for the Carry on Traveller

One of my biggest travel realizations came back in 2014 as I prepared to resign from my last dreadful full-time, in-office job. Searching the internet, I came across travellers taking on a 32-L packing challenge and was impressed by how they managed to happily travel and live with so little. Being in the midst of giving up my apartment and testing out the digital nomad life in Ecuador, the minimalist lifestyle was exactly what I was looking for.

Naturally, I decided to take on the challenge and packed a 28-L backpack for my nearly 2 month trip crisscrossing the country. The ease and freedom of slinging around a small pack had me almost instantly promising myself to never go back. And I haven’t checked a bag since then.

As a carry-on convert and evangelist, I’ve travelled to cold locations like Iceland and packed camping gear for my active trips, all in a carry-on bag without much issue. With the temperature dropping in the northern hemisphere, I was inspired to create this infographic sharing ways to make it all fit.


Lotoya is a remote e-learning developer on a mission to see the world. She has travelled, mostly solo, to 34 countries on 5 continents, to discover cultures, experience the unfamiliar and unexpected, meet incredible people and share what she knows. For more information on Lotoya and to join the journey, check out her blog below.