TRAVEL NEWS | Cancun's Eco Tax - Extended to June 2019


There have been a lot of complaints by hoteliers regarding Cancun’s Eco Tax. This tax was imposed back on December 20th 2018, and since then the hotel association raised concerns saying that if there is a decline in tourism, this will further the decline as tourists will not want to pay another fee. Such instances have happened in other countries such as Spain. Since then, the government has put an extension on the deadline to June 2019.

The 25 pesos tax which equals to $1 USD, is to raise money for the protection of the region and therefore they are trying to raise around 90 million pesos.

For now, the deadline has been extended.

What do you think? Should Cancun be able to charge a fee per night to the tourists? Let us know in the comments.

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The Luxe and Lavish Team