TIPS | Destinations to visit for Spring Break

Have you booked your spring break vacation yet? Unsure where to go for it still? Here are some ideas of great spots to visit for your Spring Break below:

  1. Mexico
    Unsure if you should be visiting Mexico? Most recently, the travel advisory has indicated a few cities to be over the level of 3, according to the travel advisory. But if you were to base your decision off of that, then you might as well cross off France, Germany and Italy off your list.
    Quintana Roo & Baja California Sur which makes up the bulk of the tourism in Mexico, have been labelled as under level 2, and thus your vacation to Mexico is all the more reason why you should visit. Some great resorts that we recommend are: Rosewood Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen, Esperenza in Cabo San Lucas, & BE Hotel in Tulum.

  2. Switzerland
    There has been a increase in popularity among Americans due to it’s scenery, luxury hotels & local experiences. Known for it’s mountains, villages & alps, the best time to travel to Switzerland is March to May as it’s low season and just coming off the high winter months. With the popularity of this beautiful country rising, the spring break is a great opportunity to take advantage of the sight seeing while it’s not in peak season. Some of our recommendations of Luxurious hotels are: La Reserve, The Grand Hotel Trois Rois in Basel that sits on the Rhine river & Ultima Gstaad in Gstaad.

3.      Turks & Caicos
Known for their scuba diving in the Caribbean, this location is great if you wish to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, the amazing restaurants & the many water activities. For many all inclusive options, this location is great to visit during the spring break as much like Switzerland, experiences their low season from March to April. We recommend hotel options of The Palms, The Somerset on Grace Bay and The Shore Club.

4.      Japan
Depending on where you live, you probably would not have thought of Japan as a spring break destination. But like Switzerland, Japan has been experiencing some popularity for a number of years and we could not deny that this place should definitely be considered as an option. Late spring and late fall are the two best times to visit Japan, and since we are approaching March, what better time to see your options. This country has been gaining some serious traction because of the diverse culture of food, technology and it’s famous Cherry Blossom. There are many travelers that flock to witness the cherry blossom as there has been a huge appreciation since Japan has been labelled the best country to have it. We highly recommend if you choose to visit, to stay at these following hotels: Aman in Tokyo, Mandarin Oriental & Kanra Kyoto.



3.      And last but not least Spain
Though our favourite destination would surely have to be Tenerife in Spain, our travelers have shared that they have had some amazing experiences in the major city such as Barcelona & Seville. With Spain’s diverse geography, this place is on the list of destinations to visit for the spring break as the best time to travel here is surely spring and fall. With their cultural heritage of arts and food, Spain is diverse with an area of beach and the city life despite being a European country. Our recommendations of hotels are Royal Hideaway in Tenerife, Finca Cortesin in Marbella, Fuente De la Higuera, Ronda & Belmond La Residencia, Mallorca.

Happy Travelling
The Luxe and Lavish Team