TIPS | 5 Best Female Travel Essentials

Packing has honestly been one of the hardest things to do, because there is always that fear of forgetting something super important for the length of time you are away.  And then it gets even more difficult when you have to figure out HOW to pack it.  Though we’ve addressed the HOW TO part in another post, in which you can read here:     We wanted to talk about some of the key essentials that are perfect for the woman traveler below:

1.       World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron

smallest steam iron.jpeg

Now whether you are a light packer that likes to roll your clothing, or you pack everything under the sun in a checked bag, let’s face it… the clothes do not look the same as when you folded it and placed it into the luggage. Not to mention if it went through baggage claim, and then thrown into the belly of the airplane. When you unpack your luggage on vacation, it sometimes looks unrecognizable with the amount of wrinkles it has.  Not to fear, as this really cool mini travel steam iron fits perfectly and works like a regular sized steamer/iron.  This compact device is roughly the size of a computer mouse so it’s perfect for those carry-on travelers and does not take up much space for those who like to check their luggage in.

2.       goTenna Mesh

Now let’s face it! No matter how hard we try to take days off from using our cellphones and be unplugged from the world, its very difficult when they have created a society who has become dependent on these mobile devices. And this is not to make you feel worse about not being able to “unplug from the matrix”, but actually to the contrary.  The goTenna Mesh is designed to keep Android or iOS devices connected even when there is no cellular service.  So for adventurers like myself, it allows you to communicate while off the grid. This Bluetooth-LE device paired with a smartphone, allows the person to share messages and location info instantly in open areas. 


3.       An all-purpose outfit

I’m pretty sure you have plenty of outfits that you look great in! But when you’re on vacation, and haven’t the slightest clue what to wear, or while you were packing, decided that you may hit up the beach club in the day and then a nice dinner at night, that you could probably wear 1 outfit that you could throw into your suitcase for ANY occasion.  The outfit must feel comfortable AND look your best in.  This is key!  Definitely something that you should be carrying with you on vacation.

4.       An effective toiletry bag

Invest in a good toiletry bag, and one that hangs up.  One that is effective that could get you through an overnight and possibly a two-week-long trip. A practical toiletry bag is hard to come by these days, but they are surely out there.  It’s safe to say that when you need to pack light, these bags are super helpful to have your cosmetics and toiletries in the same bag.  There are ones on the market that has compartments for various items that you wish to carry, or not. And with those compartments, makes things much easier when you are going through security, and we know that can be a pain.

5.       Invest in good headphones

One of the worse things that could happen on the plane is sitting next to a chatty neighbor.  Especially if all you wanted to do is get comfy and sleep, or work on that report that is literally due as soon as you arrive to your destination. You want to ensure that they are wireless, in the event you are stuck in the middle or window seat.  Noise cancellation is always helpful and its especially perfect for the overall entertainment experience.

So while you prepare for your next trip, whether it be for business or leisure, be sure to remember this article on some of the key essentials you should carry with you.  This might help with your overall packing and what not to carry on your journey.

Let us know in the comments, what are some key essentials you carry, that we have not listed here. We’d love to compare and take notes ;)

 Happy Traveling
The Luxe & Lavish Team