MOTIVATION | The 3 best ways to get Travel Inspiration

I remember the first time I was boarding a plane. I was 5 years old heading to Florida for my appointment with Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World. During that time, the couple was extremely famous amongst children, and at Universal Studios it was the legendary Indiana Jones movie that was a box office hit.
The next time I would be on a plane was visiting my home country after a long hiatus after my family migrated when I was very young. When I got older, naturally my interests shifted and my travels became more about the desire to learn the different cultures, partying, attending music festivals and participating in destination weddings. I was inspired through my interests, which ultimately led me to a career in travel.

But for some people, the motivation of the desire to travel gets lost when life gets busy, which then becomes a distant thought or worse an unimaginable event.

So how does one stay inspired to travel? When life throws so many obstacles and events at you, it can be daunting to turn your mind to researching places to visit, unless of course you are under a hair dryer at the salon which takes 30 mins to dry, and by chance you pick up a magazine that has beautiful destination, and you think to yourself “Wish this could be me.” Well, I am here to tell you that it can be you!

What I have done below is list the 3 best ways to get inspired to travel in hopes that you will STAY inspired enough to dream big and travel the world:

  1. Interests
    Everyone has an interest in more than one thing. For me I am interested in music, photography, movies & travel. I would look to places like Hawaii and Croatia as they have both filmed major box office hits such as Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones. These are opportunities and inspiration to put on my list for places I have to visit. Your interests can also help to meet new people who are also interested in the same things and can develop into a travel partner. So whether you are interested in sporting events, like World Cup, Music Festivals, or church missions where you help the less fortunate by building homes, I encourage you to start with your interests and build from that list.

  2. Bucket list locations or things to do on your bucket list
    I have jumped out of a plane once in my life, and though it would have been fun to do it over the Grand Canon in Nevada (Like Will Smith), it was exhilarating and a scratch off the bucket list that I have achieved. But how about for you? Maybe it is to visit the Maldives or to swim with the sharks in Mauritius, I am sure we all have that list of things that we hope we can do at some point in our life, or are brave enough to achieve that may involve some traveling away from home. Whatever your desires are look towards that list to create inspiration for you to travel.

3. Vacation Get-a-ways
For the individuals who work their 9-5 Monday through to Friday, and have a busy schedule once they go home, need some relaxation time, or down time away from home. This generally is most people’s motivation to travel, but it is also super important to remember that your travels should not be an escape from reality, as generally that reality becomes too real when you return from a 5 day vacation. What is important is to give time to yourself, to recharge and refocus whether it is for the next quarter, next phase of life or just a new relationship with self. Get- a-ways are always important for those moments and can also inspire you to step out of your normal.

Whether you receive inspiration from any of the 3 choices mentioned above, or if you have any other suggestions/recommendations, never stop dreaming as Travel can be that motivation to keep you going, and to something to look forward to.

What are some of your travel inspirations? Share them with us below.

Happy Traveling
The Luxe and Lavish Team