FEATURE | Founder of Black Vibes Worldwide


What is your name, location (born, raised & live now) & Age (or age range)
Ariel, born in the Bronx, NY but raised in Atlanta, GA, I turn 27 on Feb 28th!

What is your occupation?
I am currently a clinical data analyst

 How many countries have you visited?
I have visited 11 countries.

 Do you prefer Solo Travel? Group Travel? OR Baecation?
Bae-cation so he can spoil me in another country

 Strict schedule, or go with the flow?
Plan a few things but go with the flow

 Beer or wine?
Both! Haha! or whatever is a specialty in that country

 What has been the best street food you’ve had?
I guess the best street food I’ve had was from a food truck

 What destination have you found to be overrated?
The Bahamas

 What was the most challenging thing you’ve done?
Being convinced to jump off a waterfall

 City or countryside?
City, easier to get around

What country has the best weather?
Any Caribbean island!

 Window or Aisle Seat?
Window, for photos, duh!

 What is the longest single journey you’ve taken?
Bae and I did a tour around Italy, stopping at 4 cities


Would you rather see a lot of places, or get to know one really well?
See a lot of places

 Do you prefer hot, cold or temperate places?
Hot weather. My outfits are cuter!

Who is your dream travel companion?
Bae! He is always down for an adventure!

 What is your dream travelling experience?
All-inclusive island resort

 Are you usually, late, or bang on time?
If it’s a paid tour, I’m on time!


How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Interesting, Positive, and Open-Minded

 What was your top favourite destination you have been to? And why?
St. Maarten and Italy are tied, by far they are the most intriguing places I’ve been

What can’t you travel without?
Phone charger; how less would I get amazing photos?


Which country has the friendliest people?
Italy! Food & wine always lead to a good time!

What has been your scariest moment on vacation?
Almost missing my connection flight out of Amsterdam.

 What’s the longest you have been away from home?
2 weeks if I wasn’t visiting family

Where would you most like to live in the world?
Anywhere with warm weather and beaches

 What has surprised you about yourself?
I’m more outgoing when I’m on vacation

What is your top travel tip?
Pack the essentials in your carry-on, checked bags can disappear lol

 Luxury or Affordable?
Affordable luxury! Why can’t I have both?

 What is the most reliable source of travel advice?
I like to use TripAdvisor as a blueprint

What is your biggest first world problem?
Not having enough off days to take trips

Where is your next destination? 
Cruise: Belize & Cozumel

And last but not least, where can readers find you?
  On all social media platforms: @blackvibesworldewide