MOTIVATION | Travel is beneficial for your Mental Health and here is why...

Your mental health is one of the key personal responsibilities you owe to yourself to take care of. It should be apart of your self-care routine. With the daily life stresses of your job, school, or even your social life, can take a toll and require some much needed time away. One key way to get some revitalization is by taking a trip to change your environment and renew yourself.
While some may not look to travel as a great health benefit, we wanted to let you know there are at least 5 that can help you regain your renewed self with travel.

Travelling expands your mind & allows you to reinvent yourself

travel has the ability to expand your mind in a way you never realized was possible. The getaways are great as it gives you an opportunity to explore new cuisines, sights and meet new people. It expands your knowledge of how life is outside of your own environment and puts your own ideas of living into a whole new perspective. Seeing how others live vastly different than you, and the things that they do to enjoy their lives, can enhance your mind and create new fresh ideas of your own. With a new fresh attitude, you will benefit from a trip that was needed to put your mind away from the things that have been impacting you in a negative way back home

Travelling helps with de-stress
Apart from the obvious, if you were to think about all of the things you have to do, whether you are responsible for dependents, deadlines at work, money, health etc. then it would make sense that travel helps with de-stressing. Traveling gives you the freedom to control your reality, or if you are following a Luxe and Lavish Travels’ pre-planned itinerary, where you don’t have to put much thought into what to do, it gives you the luxury of relaxation and free flowing. Though initially it can be stressful being in a new environment, and having to adjust to the minor changes of a new neighborhood, transportation patterns, or new customs and rules; like everything else, you become accustomed to the new normal and gives your brain the flexibility to be off of auto-pilot. This stimulates creativity and ultimately innovation for when you return back home.

It makes your mental capacity that much more resilient

Experiencing a new place, makes your senses become more alert. You are completely outside of your comfort zone, which takes you off of auto-pilot from your regular scheduled program, to an uncontrolled environment that requires total surrender, flexibility, patience and effective problem solving. It also helps you deal with other issues, such as theft, an injury due to an accident, lost travel essentials ie. passport, and then having to deal with these types of situations such as adapting, or thinking outside of the box.

Bottom line is, the more challenges you’re faced with, the better you'll get at overcoming them, eventually becoming more resilient, mentally and emotionally.

Increases your level of happiness

It allows you the opportunity to disrupt your daily routine. Being in one place for a long period of time, with no change, can make people feel stuck or trapped. Experiencing new events helps improves cognition & to boost your mood and self-confidence. Interestingly enough, they say people change careers at least twice in their lifetime, and that may be due to people not meant to be tied down to just one place their entire lives. What also assists with the level of happiness is when you are looking forward to your vacation. The anticipation of a trip can increase your happiness substantially.


Travel helps on an Interpersonal Growth level

Being exposed to different people & cultures and encountering these new experiences opens yourself to become flexible and tolerable in unfamiliar territory and ways of life. Your level of empathy, appreciation & overall sense of attitude towards different situations can ultimately assist you on your journey of growth and development for when you return home, and apply that to your own life experiences. You also expose yourself to finding new ways to handle or cope with traumatic experiences by a way of the culture of the individuals you have learned from, whether it be music, food, or their cultural behaviour.

Overall, travel is one way to help with personal growth and appreciation about your daily grind. Being away from your regular routine can increase your creativity and bring in fresh ideas to a renewed you. Travel can definitely benefit us all and so if you have the means to incorporate travel into your self -care routine, then go for it!

Let us know, if this article was helpful in your journey to self-care below.

Happy Traveling
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