WEEKLY NEWS | Guess which airline has a new Club Suite on an A350 aircraft

As of July 2019, British Airways has unveiled its new Business Class Club Suite Seat. With rumors of cost cutting they surely put those rumors to rest once they announced this amazing new class to their list. Finally, British Airways is current with their class suite that has an exclusive privacy door. The remaining features are as follows on this A350 aircraft: Features has the direct -aisle access, a suite door for greater privacy, a flat bed in a 1-2-1 configuration, 40% more storage, WI-FI, 18.5 inch entertainment screens, gate to gate programming and a PC-USB power.


The 56 Club World Suites on the aircraft prides itself on resting and relaxation. The bed features 79” of length which the airline indicated has made, every effort to maximize bed width for sleep comfort, plus soft fabrics to compliment the bedding. They also boast with reduced noise levels and high ceilings. This means that there is no one to see you if you fall asleep, as there are also your own doors for privacy. Moreover, the latest 56-seat World Traveler Plus cabin has new features such as new furnishings, amenity kits and an improved dining experience. The airline will roll out the new suites in three phases.


During phase one, the aircraft will start this summer between London and Madrid for crew training flights. Then in phase 2 beginning in October, The British Airways A350 will begin long haul service from Toronto and Dubai. The plane won’t be on every flight during this time, but the hope is that by early 2020 there will be a lot more aircrafts along with the Boeing 777 aircrafts to be joining these fleets with these suites.

“The arrival of our first A350 featuring our new Club Suite is one of the most exciting developments in our £6.5 billion investment programme,” said Alex Cruz, British Airways’ Chairman and CEO. “We’ve worked hard to ensure every aspect of the Club World experience, form the lounges we’ve refreshed to the new gourmet menus from Do&Co on flights from Heathrow, and the luxurious bedding we’ve introduced from The White Company, exudes the very British style and quality customers expect from us.”

The current ‘selling from’ date for A350 long-haul flights is Oct. 1.