WEEKLY NEWS | American Airlines extending their cancellation of the Boeing 737

Another airlines has extended their cancellation, and that gives travelers a sign of relief. American Airlines was the first carrier in the United States to extend the cancellation of flights scheduled to be flown by the grounded Boeing 737 MAX through Labor Day.

According to American Airlines website, “American Airlines remains confident that impending software updates to the Boeing 737 MAX, along with the new training elements Boeing is developing in coordination with our union partners, will lead to re certification of the aircraft soon. In April, American extended cancellations for the MAX through Aug. 19. We are now extending those cancellations through Sept. 3. By extending the cancellations, our customers and team members can more reliably plan their upcoming travel on American. In total, approximately 115 flights per day will be canceled through Sept. 3.
Our Reservations and Sales teams will continue to work closely with customers who are impacted by these cancellations.”

Similar to that of Air Canada, the airlines will ensure that any travel plans clients have, will be taken seriously and provide an alternative without cancelling all flights as they will provide other aircrafts, and routes to accommodate this shift. If you receive a cancellation of your flight that was not scheduled to fly with the Boeing 737, that may be because they will shift that aircraft to another route. Their ultimate goal is to minimize the impact to the smallest number of customers.

For passengers who are booked on the canceled flights, will be eligible for a full refund or the airline will rebook free of charge.

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