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WEEKLY NEWS | American Airlines extending their cancellation of the Boeing 737

Another airlines has extended their cancellation, and that gives travelers a sign of relief. American Airlines was the first carrier in the United States to extend the cancellation of flights scheduled to be flown by the grounded Boeing 737 MAX through Labor Day.

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WEEKLY NEWS | Boeing 737 - Air Canada Updates

Air Canada announced that with the removal of the 737 Max 8’s from their fleet schedule, they would be accommodating all affected routes until at least July 2019 with updated changes. They had since updated their April and May schedule and are looking to do so up until at least July. Air Canada’s cancellation and rebooking policies are in place with full fee waiver for affected customers.

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WEEKLY NEWS | Boeing 737 Max 8 Ethiopian Airlines Crash

On Sunday, March 10th 2019 @ approximately 8:45 am, the Ethiopian Airline that was carrying 157 passengers on a Boeing 737 Max 8, six minutes after take off, crashed near Bishoftu southeast of Addis Ababa, killing all passengers. The victims were of 35 different nationalities.

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