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I am a person that has no time; so when planning a trip, the thought alone leaves me feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I used Luxe and Lavish Travels Concierge Service for my trip to Costa Rica, and I can honestly say I had one of the best experiences.  I wanted a mixture of excursions and solace on my vacation & not have to consider transportation while there. We were able to stay at 4 different hotels, which exposed us to a variety of Costa Rica’s culture.  We had encountered an issue where we mistook our flight dates thus staying an extra day that the touring company could not accommodate.  Luxe and Lavish Travels found a hotel to book within that same day right next to the airport. This immediately eliminated my stress.  The fact that they had booked it right by the airport without me even mentioning this, so we could check out and head straight to our flight was a prompt, efficient, and thoughtful action where I was thoroughly impressed.  Their quick thinking with great resources is what built my confidence.  I had an incredible time without even having to do any research. I highly recommend their services and will always use them again for my future travel needs.
—Ms K Elliston—

I’m an avid traveller & usually plan (googled) all my trips. I wanted a different experience so I decided to use Luxe and Lavish Travels, as they were highly recommended, to plan my first luxury vacation. It was a completely different experience as Luxe and Lavish Travels created an itinerary & vacation experience that I still talk about today. Cabos San Lucas was the destination I decided on and from the moment I arrived, everything was taken care of. I was met at the airport with a private SUV that drove me to the luxury resort recommended by them. I cannot describe how beautiful the resort was. They also planned tours and excursions, which were exactly what I was looking for as I opted to try something new. They took care of every last detail, including the transportation. I could not have been happier with the service they provided. There were no surprises, and the only thing I had to do was show up. They are the difference between having a good trip, and creating an experience. Thanks again!
—Mr. Tobias —

 “Being able to show up to the airport knowing that every detail of my trip was planned with care, efficiency, and with my best interests in mind made for a relaxing and memorable experience.   Having Luxe and Lavish Travels take care of all the small (and BIG) details allowed me to focus on the reason for my trip...RELAXING! Every day of my three week trip to Bali, Bangkok, and Phuket was full of mind blowing experiences thanks to their team making sure that I saw the most amazing things each place had to offer. Every hotel and excursion was well-researched and made each experience flawless.”
—Christina V—

 “Ms. Camy, I would like to thank you for the amazing trip that you planned for us. It was a great experience! I love that every detail was covered and when we had any glitches, you were there to smooth them over.”
—Ms. S Daley—

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