Tulum Experience


The 5 day tulum experience

Starting at $4,120.00 for two adults
Experience Mexico’s very own Tulum with this 5 day itinerary that cultivates this town’s rich culture and history, by enjoying their authentic cuisine and adventure through mayans, cenotes, ziplining and more. This experience will leave you with the knowledge, a full tummy, and appreciation of the local culture, all the while getting a touch of luxury from the moment you exit the airport to your comfortable eco-friendly accommodations.


Day 1
On your first day arriving in Tulum, Mexico, you will get settled in and explore your hotel and its offerings.
Dinner reservations are made for you at the jungle inspired architecture of the Yucatan Peninsula restaurant, with hand-made cocktails and juices that are made from the local seasonal fruits and herbs.
Day 2
On this day you will be accompanied by your very own tour guide, where you will have the option to visit this famous site which is located on the edge of the Caribbean Sea where you will go on the path of adventure and culture, with ziplining over the jungle and into a cenote and live a mayan ceremony and then enjoy a buffet lunch,
Explore 2 cenotes around Tulum. Each cenote has a different configuration: open and under-soul, if you like to swim and want to discover the secret waters of the Yucatán peninsula.
Both offers an authentic Mexican lunch.
Once you have returned to your hotel and have settled in, you will then make your way to your dinner reservation for two, where the restaurant prides themselves with partnering closely with the locals, to offer a “bold and explosive flavours” of foods, where their menu is “micro-seasonal and is a current representation of the flora and fauna” around them. Known as “one of the best restaurants offering seafood”

Day 3

Is your day to rest and enjoy the views of your resort that offers non-motorized items to use and cabanas with live music.
You will also be able to check out the beachclubs in the area that will be given to you in your itinerary to explore on your own.
Your dinner reservation will be either on your hotel or at another local restaurant.
Day 4
Another early morning where you will visit one of the most important heritage sites of the Mayan civilization, the Chichen Itza. It’s main highlights is The Castle (El Castillo), an impressive temple with 91 steps, which recently has been proclaimed as one of the New 7 Wonders of the Modern World and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988.  
You will be given a full breakfast and lunch, visiting one of the local restaurants where you can give back to the local community.
Dinner reservations made at the restaurant that is owned by 7 talented chefs and lead by a chef who was “elected as Mexico’s 10 best Chefs under 30 by Gourmet Magazine. This restaurant’s reputation is known for the “richness of the modern Mexican cuisine through original and flavourful recipes.”
Day 5
On your last day in Mexico, you will be taken on a half day tour discovering the ruins at Coba before the heat and crowds. “The Mayan temples at Coba are located inside the lush jungle of the Yucatan. The main structure called Nohoch Mul is one of the few ruins that you can still climb all the way to the top. This 42 meter (138 feet) pyramid is the tallest found in the Mayan Riviera. The view from the top is worth the 120 step climb. We provide a bicycle taxi ride (pedicab) or a bicycle rental to explore this vast site and its large network of limestone roads called sacbes.”
You will make it back to your hotel where you can enjoy your lunch and dinner and get ready to head back home the next day. This tour will help you make the most out of your vacation time while discovering the rich culture of Mexico.

Day 6
Depart Tulum in your airport transfer

** package is only available during March -May ; October - December
**bookings for a group of 4 or more, please contact us directly.
**non-refundable admin fee included in pricing.
**Gratuity and tips not included in pricing for tours, restaurants, + hotel.
**Transport that is not listed here are not included in pricing.
** Meals and transport are included in the guided tours.